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alex "g" gerrain

My name is Alex Gerrain, but if you see me around Foundy most refer to me as G, or G-spot, or G-money or basically anything that you can throw on the end of G. The name G embodies the person and personality I have more than Alex does, so I have loved having that name! I have grown up and lived most of my life right here in little San Clemente. I attended elementary school, middle school and high school in this town and grew up with all my friends since day one of kindergarten. That is one of the things I cherish most about this place. I met all of my best friends here from day one, played sports with them, and even as we went off in our different directions with college, distance never changed the friendship we developed here in this little town.  I grew up playing soccer. From AYSO, to club (at West Coast Futbol Club), to playing at San Clemente High school, you could say soccer was my life. Not only was it my life but for the majority of my childhood year, soccer was how I defined myself, how I defined my worth and success. Soccer is where I met all of my best and closest friends and I will always be grateful to the sport for that. With that being said, my Sophomore year of high school I had committed to University of Hawaii Manoa where I would play collegiate soccer. This ultimately meant that in two years from then I would be leaving the safe, small, and small family like community I had become so use to.

What a rude awakening moving to an island was. Though I had some great achievements my freshman year on the soccer team, my day to day life began to get harder to deal with. I experienced things on a team and in a culture where my teammates didn’t just become my sisters, they were not going to have my back when I needed them, and I would never “fit in” or “be good enough” to become a part of the team. After an entire season I came to a decision that this is not the college life I wanted to live or even at that point deal with. So, after nine months of living on Oahu, I came back home. For the next year and a half, I had committed to University of San Diego. At that point in my life I had decided to stop playing soccer and focus on school. I had been battling a lot of struggles that had come about after living in Hawaii. Though, after a full year of not playing soccer and living down in San Diego, it wasn’t enough and again it wasn’t what I wanted out of my college career. I missed soccer and I wanted a school where I could grow as a person and not only be defined as a soccer player. So, I committed to Concordia University Irvine where I finished my last three seasons of soccer and finished my last two and a half years of school. Concordia and the women’s soccer team, gave me so much. I was back to myself and honestly, I was a better version of myself. I wasn’t “G the soccer player,” I was G the little, feisty, and happy person. I met people at Concordia that will forever have such an impact on my life, people who helped mold me into the person I am today, and I will forever and always be so grateful for that.

Today, I am still at Concordia but now I am there in graduate school on my way to getting my MBA and as the graduate assistant coach for the women’s soccer team. At Foundy I teach Adult P.E., I private train, I assist Blake with BZ soccer, and I occasionally get to do my favorite thing of all and that is to hang out with Blue. Foundation Fitness has challenged me to be the best version of myself and I can honestly say that the people and family here at Foundation are the best people I have ever met in my life. I am so grateful to be a part of this family and it is by far my favorite place to be - always.

1001 Calle Negocio, Suite B.,
San Clemente, California 92673

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