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Matt Smith aka the Hair Farmer, Cheese Chest, Big Vern, etc.

The Technical Program Breakdown Stuff… I pride myself in balancing programs based around high intensity interval training while making them difficult yet fun. My passion is ‘rider specific’ training: surf, skate, snow, wake, etc. I truly enjoy the complexity of cross-training athletes – young and old – and helping them unlock their body’s full potential. My programs emphasis on targeting stability, endurance, speed, agility, stamina, explosivity, core strength, overall strength, while promoting a better overall proprioception for each client.

Don’t let all those lame fitness terms scare your off. My goal is to train individuals to become athletes’ not enormous, unstable, balls of muscle. With that said, I don’t discriminate against my clientele, but please realize that your ‘dream body’ will come as you work towards overall health and a functional physique. There are no short cuts!

I received a BA from SDSU, personal trainers certification through NCCPT, and pride myself as an avid waterman and distance runner. Competitive surfing, swimming, and running since a child, I see myself as someone that loves a good personal challenge. I have also been around the ‘Surf Industry’ for the past ten’ish years. In the process I accumulated a lot of industry knowledge that is useful for anyone looking to get into, compete, stay relevant, get sponsored, etc. in the Action Sport Industry. Acting as Team Manager and Marketing Manager at Filtrate Eyewear, I hope that I can use my industry knowledge to help promote the futures of emerging young talent.

On a personal note, I see myself as a glass-half-full, fun loving, hard working, and somewhat crazy, 28 year old man-child. I’m passionate about living and loving life. At a young age I realized that life is short. Being angry, hard headed, and pessimistic will not make life anymore enjoyable or memorable for you and the others around you. Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one. I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I’m definitely not perfect, and never will be, but I do my best to enrich the people around me.

My positivity stems from my interesting family dynamic. I was blessed to grow up with a brother and sister that are special-needs (handicapped). When my mom was pregnant with my brother and sister she was exposed to pesticides while gardening in our backyard. Unbeknownst to us, the pesticides were formulated to create birth defects in small bugs: ants, spiders, etc. and in turn affected the developing embryos of my brother & sister. My brother and sister, Conner and Danielle, have grown up unable to take care of themselves, and without needing to say they have definitely made our family life different, stressful, complicated, and a little crazy. But with that said, where people see special-needs siblings as a burden, we see them as a gift. Conner and Danielle have helped give us an understanding of life that most people will never get to experience. They have helped me become better at living in the moment and not sweating the small things. Life is way to short to waste time stressing over unnecessary dramas.

I love helping people. Unlike most, I measure success in how many lives a person is able to touch not how many zeros they have in their bank account. With that said, don’t get me wrong, I understand you can’t pay the bills with smiles and shakas (that rad hand gesture Hawaiians make), but I believe that with positivity and passion will come financial success. Haha in five years I’ll let you know how it worked out. My ten year plan: try and stay as positive and fun-loving as I am today; hopefully be able to make a family of my own and pass along the love, laughter, and life experiences that others have shown me.

Look for me around town or at The Foundation. Always feel free to say hi. I’ll be the wild, longhaired guy, bouncing around like a 12-year-old boy on Red Bull.

1001 Calle Negocio, Suite B.,
San Clemente, California 92673

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