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We’ve all heard you can't out exercise a bad diet … but do you know what a healthy diet looks like? Do you know what foods work for your body, and what foods are actually work against it? If you are physically not where you want to be, or you have health and fitness goals that seem to be just out of reach, Nutrition Coaching could be the solution. My name is Nikkii and as the Foundation Fitness Nutrition Coach I can help you incorporate change within your existing lifestyle rather than having you make radical changes that seem impossible to maintain.

Too often we are given a “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition and that’s just not the case!  I work to help my clients develop a plan and support them as they take the actions necessary to reach their goals. Through lifestyle alterations, dietary changes, and basic health-building principles, my clients are seeing results and feeling better each and every day.

Nutrition Coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to achieve lasting health-building results. Through challenges, recipes, weigh ins, and other various learning activities, you will build new eating and lifestyle habits that you can sustain. . . even when life gets in the way!

My programs are not just all fruits and veggies … omnivores can enjoy them too! So if you’re ready for a stronger immune system, eating more often, clearer skin, better sleep, better focus/memory, more energy and fitting in those jean better then now is the time to talk to me about Nutrition Coaching. For more information, follow my Instagram @nikkii_butera or email me at to figure out what program works best for you!

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