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ry steinhoff

I was born, raised, and caused way too much havoc in Carlsbad, Ca. Throughout childhood and high school I played any sport possible. Being super active both socially and athletically led me on to college. Originally, I went to Northern Arizona University and played football. After one snowy ass winter in the mountains, I peaced out and transferred to Arizona State University where I began my fire journey. I completed my fire academy and shortly after went off to be “Joe fire fighter”. I worked for multiple city and government fire departments simultaneously. I adapted and excelled quickly in the world of fire fighting, which had me running all over the nation chasing large structural and wild land fires.

This is where it gets Juicy. In 2002, I was out scouting a fire standing on a rock outcropping in Idaho when the rock under me broke. I proceeded to fall 5 stories and landed on the same boulder that slipped out from under me. I was life-flighted to the nearest hospital and when I woke up I was in traction. I had broken my back in 2 spots. The first and only thing the Dr.’s told me was not only would I, “never be able to run again”, but I would also have trouble walking. As my supposed reality began to sink in, my nurse asked me if I was a firefighter – I told her “I was”. She said, “Well, are you going to fight or flight??”

In that moment I made the choice to take action to get my life back. They prescribed one-hour of physical therapy a day – so I did 4 to 5hrs instead. I basically lived at the personal training and physical therapy office. So much so that I began to learn the ins and outs of the “fitness world”- the world I live in today. I soon after got certified as a personal trainer.

I began personal training and it was going well. So well that after I was fully recovered and got clearance to return to fire, I realized my true passion laid in personal training. After every session of training I would walk out of the gym feeling fricken amazing!!! The same tool that handed my life back to me is now my livelihood, and my reason for you being in life. I honestly cannot express how much I love and appreciate my life, fitness, Foundation Fitness, and you. I want to hug you right now and I am not joking at all. I may not even know you but if you have met me you know I am dead serious! You need to understand that the journey and road I went down after my injury was a long one with negativity around every corner.

My life then consisted of extreme pain, which led to voids and dependency and eventually external means to fill those voids. My best friend and father passed away and left my world in 2004. Self love disappeared and unconsciousness followed. The story gets long from here, but long story short I gained strength from adversity. The suffering dug so deep that it literally became the light of consciousness. I had to overcome those voids by truly loving myself, being 100% real, and of course, being weird as shit. So, no matter how I am viewed after you read this, I only have one question for you. Why judge when you can love? This is why I am so passionate about what I do, and honestly why we are a part of our Foundation Family.

As Foundation Fitness has embraced my uniqueness (i.e. ADHD, quirks, weirdness, past adversity, hugs, high fives, and love), it started to embrace the ideas of harmony and positivity which I share with you all now. By keeping perspective, staying aware and real, I am able to just “Be”.

So… I, “Ry the Weirdo”, will “Be” chillin with “you” our new Founding Family 162/SC/2013, with open arms, a open heart, and a clear mind. So come give me a hug!

I won’t flinch!

1001 Calle Negocio, Suite B.,
San Clemente, California 92673

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