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I have name issues… I have 3 first names: Todd as many at Foundation know me, Matt which is what my family calls me and Rohm as many teammates and fellow lifeguards call me. I answer to all 3, so call me what you want!

Born and raised in Orange, CA, sports and athletics were my life. I spent my first 14 years of my life as a competitive ice hockey player; winning state championships, national tournaments, and playing for three travel teams at a time. When it came to high school I was ready to go to Canada for boarding school and some serious cold weather, when my life shifted. My parents split; I hit a wall with ice hockey, burnt out, hung up the skates, and decided I’m staying in California. I picked up the speedo and began water polo and swimming making varsity teams’ freshman year. The hard training spent throughout my childhood in ice rinks had given me the mental toughness and athleticism to overcome hell weeks and 8,000 yard swim practices.

I continued to play water polo in college, and then used my swimming strengths to become an ocean lifeguard. I worked as an ocean lifeguard at Crystal Cove State Park for 6 years, helped start the junior lifeguard program there, and coached the youth freestyle snowboarding team at Bear Mountain in the winters. In the last four years lifeguarding has taken over my life year round. I have spent time lifeguarding internationally, volunteering and teaching water safety in countries with large surf and populations of non-swimmers with high drowning statistics. I also lifeguard internationally on the island of Tavarua, Fiji, and get to spend time with some of the best lifeguards in the world doing water safety at a world renowned big wave, Cloudbreak. I currently work as an Ocean Lifeguard EMT for the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, and aspire to obtain my paramedic certificate and continue to work in water/public safety.

My passion for teaching and helping others has been continuous throughout my life. Teaching swim lessons, teaching junior lifeguards, coaching snowboarding, teaching surfing, and teaching water safety in foreign countries have helped me understand what works for some, doesn’t always work for others. As an athlete I had coaches who inspired me, and had coaches who burned me out on the sports I loved. As a lifeguard my job is to watch people push their limits in the water, and to recognize when someone doesn’t have the capabilities prevent them from harm before a rescue is necessary. As a trainer I understand when you are pushing your limits, and I will encourage you to push harder and become better, within your scope. Every athlete is different, every person has their own motivations and desired outcomes for being here; my job is to learn what you want, and help you succeed in obtaining those goals for you.

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